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There’s a HUGE Spider Crawling in This Family’s Salad

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If you love salad and you’re squeamish, you may want to look away.

Zoe Perry posted a video to Woolworths’ Facebook page that apparently shows a spider crawling inside a bag of “Italian Style” salad mix.

And it’s not your typical petite bug you see or hear of showing up in food. This one is massive.

Zoe wrote:

“Hi Woolworths,

Shopping as per usual for Italian Style Salad Mix….get it home….Mum goes to open the packet and we are greeted by….

Is this what’s actually behind the “salmonella” callbacks?

Kind Regards,

An arachnophobic family”

Talk about bad timing! The supermarket chain revealed Thursday some of its lettuce and spinach salad mixes had been linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 28 people.

A Woolworths social media representative responded to the video and wrote:

“We’re very concerned about this Zoe, and take incidents like this very seriously. Please let us know your phone number and state in a Private Message at so that we can follow this up with you ASAP. Thanks.”

The family posted a 25-second video to YouTube, but it’s the 6-second video shared on Woolworths’ Facebook page that’s been viewed millions of times in just a few hours.

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