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Facebook Celebrates Birthday with ‘Friends Day’

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MENLO PARK, CA-If you logged on to Facebook Thursday morning and saw everyone spreading some friendship love, you are not alone!

Facebook celebrates its 12th birthday on February 4th and each year they dedicate the day to celebrating connections.

That's why you're seeing those friend videos pop up, but let's be honest, after you watched your own friends video, how many of you thought, “I don't even talk to those people!”

Did your ex pop up? How about an old boss?

Well don't worry; you can use your throwback Thursday pic to post a snapshot of those near and dear to you.

But it makes you stop and think, we're so consumed with every pic, post and share that we often forget about those sitting around us.

Facebook users have taken to social media to discuss #beforefacebooki and some of the responses are spot on like "didn't have to worry much about saying the wrong thing...” or before Facebook I had more real life friendships...”

While there is no denying that Facebook keeps us connected to a wider range of people it may also be taking us away from our close friends and family.

Now, that's something to share.

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