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Don’t Drink The Water: Boil Water Notice Issued in North Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH -- Hopefully, folks in Northwest Fort Worth aren't watching their pots too closely; they're gonna need that water to boil!  If they want to drink it, that is.

Yeah, the city is warning folks who live just west of Haslet that their tap water isn't safe to drink, unless they bring it to a "vigorous boil."

It's all because a water tower was apparently accidentally drained Wednesday evening.

The affected area has six schools, but officials decided to keep them all open.

"It's about 4,600 students," Emily Conklin with Northwest ISD told NewFix. "The school day is operating as normal."

Since the cafeterias can't use the water, the kids were forced to eat frozen pizza and chicken nuggets.  Talk about a struggle!

The problem won't be fixed until Friday, at the soonest. So, a lot of folks are making plans to go out for dinner.  But, that'll have to be out of the area, since affected restaurants have to stay closed as long as the boil notice is in effect.

Unsurprisingly, bottled water was a hot commodity at local stores, but the Fort Worth Water Department is giving donated water away, from school campuses.

Hey, this whole thing is definitely inconvenient, but at least it's no Flint, Michigan.  Folks there are still dealing with poisoned tap water, with no solution in sight.

Fort Worth's troubled taps should clear up in a day or two.  If it lasts longer than that, it may be people's frustrations that start boiling over.

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