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Student Demands Life-Long Supply Of Kit Kats After Discovering Wafer-Less Bar

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LONDON, ENGLAND- So, what do you do when you break off a piece of a Kit Kat Bar and it turns out there's no wafers inside?

Well, if you're Saima Ahmad, you would demand a lifetime supply. And if the candy company doesn't deliver-- you threaten to sue them for all they're worth!

Sounds a bit Kit Kat cray-cray, don't you think?

But, that's exactly what the 20-year-old London law student did after she discovered there were no wafers in her eight-pack of candy bars.

Ahmad was so disturbed at this distressing situation, she wrote a not-so-sweet note to Nestle.

Ahmad told a British newspaper she'll take legal action if Nestle doesn't comply with her request! Once her whole Kit Kat spat went viral people on Twitter started tweeting their waferless bars too.

This candy-crisis just might leave Nestle  a little crunched!

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