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Olympian speaks out on Mental Illness in Dallas

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Dallas--Suzy Favor Hamilton was one of the fastest American women in Olympic history. But even when she was at the top of her running game she was also suffering from mental illness.

“I did my best to hide it, and even within the safety of my own home we never talked about it,” Hamilton said.

The Olympian was struggling with undiagnosed bipolar disorder and depression. Before long she was living a double life as a Las Vegas escort.

“After the first story from Las Vegas appeared in the tabloids, my world fell apart. I was isolated, alone and felt despised by a world that had judged me based on a tabloid story,” said Hamilton.

After she was outed by a tabloid, Suzy decided to go public with her story and to get help.

“By telling my own story it’s going to make people reach out and share theirs, and I’m not afraid to be out there because I know it is a true illness.”

She wrote a book, “Fast Girl A Life Spent Running From Madness.”

Wednesday she was speaking at a luncheon benefiting the Grant Halliburton Foundation. To provide hope to those who want to run away* from mental illness.

“There’s plenty of help out there and don’t give up,”  Hamilton said.

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