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Charlie Sheen’s Doctor Claims He Can Cure HIV

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- It's news that could make you faint!

A doctor who treated Charlie Sheen after the actor admitted he was HIV positive says he's got the cure for the virus!

Samir Chachoua claims a treatment derived from goat milk will make the virus undetectable.

The doc first shocked the world by injecting himself with Charlie's blood after he said he had cured the actor.

Now people are baffled by claims that goat's milk, more specifically the CAEV virus, which is found in the milk of arthritic goats, can cure HIV.

Chachoua was seen on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday discussing how he treated Charlie.

But not everyone is convinced of the treatment; even Sheen isn't convinced. He told Dr. Oz his HIV numbers had gone up since he stopped taking his anti-viral medication to undergo this therapy.

Sheen is now back on his traditional treatment and that's probably for the best!

Hey we know milk does the body good, but we're not to convinced about this dairy cocktail.

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