Hey Johnny, Be Good! Cops Investigate Possible Assault Involving Manziel & Ex

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FORT WORTH, TX -- Oh, Johnny football! Will he ever learn?

Yes, the Browns backup QB, known more for his off-field antics, than his game day drives, is at it again.

This time, cops in both Big D and Cowtown are investigating a possible assault involving Johnny Manziel’s 23-year-old ex-girlfriend.

The incident happened overnight Saturday. Cops on both sides of the county line are still trying to sort out the details of the disturbance.

But, get this – at one point, FWPD launched its Air One Unit to search for Manziel because there was concern about his well being. Well, he was located safe.. sound might be another issue.

If you’re thinking – hey, didn’t this happen before? Then, you’d be correct.

Back in October, cops in Ohio questioned Manziel for a domestic disturbance involving his girlfriend.  Are we starting to see a pattern here?

buseySo, we wanted to know: on the Gary Busey sliding scale of crazy – just how crazy are Johnny Football’s actions?

Crazy, not crazy:  lying about partying in Austin during bye-week?

“Crazy!” one man told NewsFix.

Crazy, not crazy: partying in Vegas when he was injured?

"I think it’s crazy, but I don’t believe it,” another man added.

Crazy, not crazy: wearing a rumored disguise while in Vegas?

"I think it’s hysterical; it’s definitely crazy,” AJ Paradowski said,

Crazy, not crazy: thinking he actually has a shot at playing with the Cowboys?

"Actually, not crazy because we know the history of Jerry Jones,” Robert Taylor quipped.

Dallas attorney Chris Lewis shared his opinion on Manziel's antics.

"If [police] had probable cause, he had done something, then, he might already be in custody,” Lewis told NewsFix.

"He’s going to find himself, if these kinds of thing continue, he keeps attracting this negative behavior, he’s going to find there’s nobody willing to take a chance on him.”

Our advice: Johnny, be good.