FC Dallas Has One Gooooooaaaal in Mind: MLS Cup

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FRISCO, TX — FC Dallas wrapped up a week a training camp in Frisco, today, and to say this is one determined team would be an understatement. After all, the pain of falling just one game short of the MLS Cup last year still stings.

“I think we’re working harder to reach the goals that we want which is to reach the championship.” said Jesse Gonzalez, a goalkeeper with the team.

The best way to reach those goals, is to prevent other teams from scoring them!

FC Dallas is really focusing on their goalkeepers, starting with Jesse Gonzalez. The 20 year old burst onto the scene last year, winning 7 of his 11 starts, with one tie.

But getting Dallas back to the top of the MLS mountain isn’t Gonzalez’s only goal in 2016. He’s also fighting for a spot on the Mexican Olympic squad and looks to help them bring home Gold in Rio this summer.

“I got the Olympics coming up, and hopefully I make the roster and that’s a huge goal for me to make the Olympics this year.” said Gonzalez.

But the dedication to goalkeeping doesn’t stop there. Earlier this month, Dallas used their first round pick in the MLS Draft, on Ryan Herman, a 6’ 7” goalie out of Washington.

The new kid on the block is ready to go after his first week of MLS action.

“Little sore, but I feel really good! It’s been so much fun training with these guys at such a high level.” said Herman. “After the first couple of days working out the kinks and everything, it’s gone really, really well, kind of starting to fill into my roll and find myself, find a comfort zone where I’m really good at.”

Well here’s hoping the top flight rookie and possible Olympian score the ultimate goal: The MLS Cup.