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Tanuki: Fall in Love With the Raccoon Dog

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Looks like a raccoon, then maybe a badger, and if you just look at the face maybe a little bear but no, it’s none of those.

It’s a dog. A rare species called Tanuki — also called a raccoon dog — and one in Japan has won hearts all over the Internet.

Twitter user @chibi_tori found the critter abandoned last summer and has been posting adorable pictures of Tanu in his home, according to Buzzfeed Animals.

And we can’t get enough.

The species is member of the canid family, which includes dogs and wolves.

Get this: They have spiritual and artistic significance in Japan and are reputed to have have magical shape-shifting powers. A pack of such dogs appear in the animated movie “Pom Poko,” from Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

They weigh around 8 to 13 pounds and reach about 19 to 26 inches in length but, alas, they are not recommended as pets.

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