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Juvenile Justice: Judge Keeps Couch in Juvie for Now

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Fort Worth--Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up to see the "Affluenza Circus," in its long-awaited return to Fort Worth.

In the spotlight, Ethan Couch, still in a jail for kids--for now.

But wait!

Despite the circus surrounding the case, this is some serious stuff.

Four people died in a drunk driving crash in Burleson in 2013. Two others were severely injured.

And then-16-year-old Ethan Couch got probation in juvenile court.

"He had an opportunity. He was given a dang gift," said Colleen Sheehey-Church, the national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

And for a lot of folks, there's been a sense that couch wasn't sorry for what he did.

"He's remorseful," said Scott Brown, Ethan Couch's lawyer. "Just because he hasn't come out and given a public statement to y'all doesn't mean he's not remorseful."

"When you flee the country and you go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and you're living the life like you're a celebrity and you go to clubs and you spend thousands of dollars, that doesn't scream remorse," Tim McLaughlin said. His son survived Ethan Couch's crash.

Here's how the circus started:

Someone caught video of Couch at a party where alcohol was being served, in an apparent violation of probation.

Then he took off for Mexico with his mom. They both got arrested in Puerto Vallarta.

Tonya Couch was escorted home in handcuffs-- by way of Los Angeles.

Ethan couch finally arrived back Thursday.

For now, the judge says Couch will stay in the juvenile jail 'til a hearing next month that could move the circus to adult court. His lawyers say they won't fight the move.

So if you missed it, don't worry!
The Affluenza Circus will be back February 19.

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