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Irving Cops Kill Gunman, Save Hostage in Deadly Shootout

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IRVING, TX - A hostage standoff in Irving ended in death Friday. At around 1 pm Irving PD responded to a robbery in progress at the Cash Store near Esters Road and Airport Freeway.

When cops arrived they found the suspect, who has not yet been identified, armed with a handgun. What's more, he had taken a woman hostage.

Officer James McLellan, public information officer for Irving PD was at the scene, “He came out of the business with a hostage at gunpoint and was threatening harm to her.”

McLellan says things turned deadly when the suspect tried to put the woman in his car, “They saw an opportunity and engaged him with gunfire striking and killing the suspect.”

Thankfully McLellan’s says the hostage was safe and wasn't hurt, "Obviously she'll be a little bit shaken up but I think she is unharmed and fortunate to be alive.”

Ali Bary, owner of the neighboring business Comfy Furniture, was saddened by the situation, "It's an unfortunate thing, it's a sad thing that it had to end up this way."

No innocent people were injured in this incident but it sure did shake-up those who saw it all unfold, like witness Guillermo Landeros who was nearby, "It's kind of sad, people don't think what they do until it's already done. Either they get killed or somebody else gets killed and that's the bad thing about this kind of situation."

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