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Funky & Fun Finds at Dallas Estate Sale

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DALLAS -- Estate sales are nothing new... they pop up every weekend.  But, this one's a little different.

"I've done estate sales for years, this one is very different," Martha Lee told NewsFix. We caught up with her as she worked the sale. "Everything is collectible and funky."

Yeah, it'd be easy to mistake this place for an antique store inside of a house, and with good reason!  This place belonged to a quirky collector named Maxey Smith.

"He just collected nice antiques," Jason Cohen explained. He organized the sale. "His intentions were to eventually open his own antique store, but it never happened.  He just continually bought and bought and bought a house completely full of stuff."

Cohen owns Curiosities, an antique shop in Dallas.  He and his team were hired to come run this treasure hunt of an estate sale.

"I tried to kind of put it together, in my mind, what I thought he probably would have liked to have seen it as a store," Cohen told NewsFix.  It took the Curiosities crew over two weeks to get the house ready.  And once it opened, it was a hit.

"I got here a little after 8, and there was already a big line," Thor Johnson, one of Cohen's employees, said. "And we didn't open until 9!"

"The line was into the kitchen... Everyone was really intimate," said Kelly Langford.  Langford came by in the morning, and was back for more in the afternoon. "You see how much is here now, there was three times this much this morning."

"And there's stuff upstairs that hasn't even been unpacked yet," Johnson added.

Yep, seems like there's plenty of quirky, unique stuff to keep this crowd of treasure hunters satisfied until the sale ends Sunday evening.


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