Concussion Doc: OJ Simpson has CTE

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LOS ANGELES, CA - The movie may have flopped at the box office but concussions are still blockbuster news. now it's been revealed that even with the NFL`s heightened awareness of concussions the number of cases increased in 2015.

Get this: 271 concussions were diagnosed last year. That's up 32% from the previous season and it's the highest number of cases in the last four years. Concussions and repeated head trauma are thought to be the leading cause of the brain disease known as CTE.

Now CTE is the basis of a new theory behind controversial ex-NFL star O.J. Simpson. Dr. Bennet Omalu, the man who first discovered the disease, recently told people magazine he would bet his medical license that Simpson has CTE.

Brain trauma is a defense Simpson and his attorney`s thought about using back in 2012. They cited “numerous blows to the head” during Simpson`s football career led to his criminal behavior in a 2007 but Simpson's legal team ultimately chose to drop that defense.

The latest example of the ill effects of CTE came earlier this week with the death of 27-year old former NFL player Tyler Sash. He died from an accidental overdose of pain medications; an autopsy determined Sash had CTE.

So as the NFL prepares for its biggest game of the season it still appears concussions are one of its biggest problems.



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