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Fashion Fix: Galleria Dallas Features 20’s Inspired Couture Museum

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DALLAS- In the world of fashion, there once was a time couture-chic and exotic elegance was all the rave. But, If you ask fashion expert Ken Weber-- fashion trends from the roaring 20's are making a resurgence in 2016.

"Fashion is actually timeless," Weber explained. "What you see in the stores today can all be traced back into another decade."

That's why he's turned part of Galleria Dallas into a fashion museum that captures the allure of the jazz age.

"There's so many great pieces I just kept telling them I found this and I found this so it kept growing to what it is now which is a museum exhibition."

Inspired by the show Downtown Abbey Decadence: Fashion From the 1920's features rare pieces from French, Spanish and Italian designers like Madeleine Vionnet and Lucian Lelong.

"With the popularity of Downtown Abbey and the Great Gatsby it's really brought the 1920's fashion to the forefront again," he added. "To actually see where the original pieces came from is actually quite spectacular because we haven't had anything like this in Dallas in a very very long time."

The high-end threads aren't the only things making a fashion statement,  Weber also notes that the jewelry and detailed beading are a big part of the revived vintage look.

"A lot of these pieces are one of a kind-- you will never be able to find that exact piece again."

The exhibit is free and will be open for business until February 28th. So, if you're in search for a little 20's themed inspiration-- Decadence just may be your next Fashion Fix.

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