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Watch This Mom Pole Dance While Breastfeeding

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Who says you can’t breastfeed a toddler while pole dancing?

This is Texas; surely this has already happened on the east side of the state, but we haven’t found that video yet. (Side note: We love you, East Texas.) Even if we do, doubtful it will have the grace and beauty of this multitasking mom — this is amazing.

Ashley Wright posted the video to her Facebook page a week ago and it has nearly 3 million views so far.

Wright told The Huffington Post she didn’t intend to be a nursing pole dancer, but life gets in the way sometimes and when you have a hungry toddler who’s bored on the floor… “There are moments in which she would rather spin around with me, than to sit on the floor and do something else, Wright told The Huffington Post. “And I, as her mother, am completely okay with having to adjust my pole practice to have her on me.”


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