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Underground Pot Farm in Arlington Not the First of Its Kind

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ARLINGTON -- Not every greenhouse is made of glass.  Cops in Arlington were behind a normal-looking home on Tuesday, serving a search warrant, when they found an underground marijuana bunker hidden under a deck in the backyard.

Two people were arrested after cops say they found about 100 plants growing in the 9-foot hole.

This got NewsFix thinking: What if more folks than we realize are digging deep to do their dirty deeds?

So we did a little digging of our own.

Check out this underground "cannabis factory" discovered across the pond in the UK.

And this "buried treasure" in Tennessee.

Turns out these things can get pretty elaborate. After all, plants need more than just dirt and water. They also need sunlight--or UV lamps.

The gardeners in Arlington apparently said "Why not both?" and used solar panels to power their secret lair.

So why go to all this trouble?

Well, it's a lot easier to get caught when you farm above-ground. Just ask the folks busted right here in the Metroplex back in '07, when cops spotted their ganja gardens from helicopters.

Our advice?

If you really want to flex that green thumb of yours, find something legal to grow so your "secret garden" doesn't get smoked out.

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