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Super Security? FBI Investigating Multiple Cases of Fiber Optic Cable Cutting

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SANTA CLARA, CA - The Super Bowl is where the lights shine the brightest, sometimes too bright. That was the case earlier this season when pilots were filing official complaints with the FAA saying the scoreboard and lighting from Levi's Stadium was blinding them during flights.

But now there's a new problem in tech-savvy San Fran. There have reportedly been more than a dozen attacks on the Bay Area's fiber optics cables which provide internet service to people in the city.

The problem has become serious enough for the FBI and Homeland Security to get involved. The agencies are making sure these attacks don't pose a security threat for the Super Bowl in Santa Clara on February 7th.

Not that the Super Bowl is a stranger to technical issues on its biggest night. Remember when the lights went out at Super Bowl XLVII? A game that also included the 49ers.

Super Bowl XLIX dealt with a big security breach last year when two Irish fans snuck into the stadium and sat in a pair of $25,000 seats, for free!

As of now, both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security say there aren't any credible threats to this year's game but they're scouting all the scenarios.

Let's just hope there aren't any super surprises.

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