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No Vacation Nation: 41% of Americans Didn’t Take a Break in 2015

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NORTH TEXAS-There's nothing like a relaxing vacation, the kind that removes all the worries of the world and lets you press 'Refresh' on your problems.

You know the kind we're talking about! Oh, wait. Chances are you probably don't!

That's because you probably didn't use your vacation days last year!

According to a Skift survey, 41% of Americans didn't take a single vacation day in 2015.

But being overworked isn't anything new; the rest of the world doesn't call us “no vacation nation” for nothing.

The study also shows that millennials in the workforce -- that’s all the 18-35-year-olds -- they're the most overworked of all age groups.

Most Americans say they don't take a break because they're afraid of coming back to lots of work or maybe paychecks barely get us to the next paycheck.

But what if your boss paid you to take a paid vacation?

That's what CEO of FullContact, Bart Lorang, is implementing; employees get 15 days paid vacation, plus federal holidays and $7,500 to go off the grid!

The idea behind it is to disconnect, leave the phone at home and relax!

Bet you'll take that vacation now!

Think of it this way, work equals stress equals health problems like high blood pressure.

So wake up America, it's time to take a little break!

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