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Craft Beer Biz Filling Up the U.S.

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DEEP ELLUM - Is it getting a lot tougher to make a decision on which six pack to pick up nowadays?

Seriously, you probably find yourself wasting a lot of time trying to figure out which beer to grab at the grocery store.

That's because there's been an explosion of breweries opening up across America.

Yep, one and a half opening up every day in the U.S., with over 4,000 breweries total satisfying your beer buds.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company, the first brewery in Dallas in over a decade, started operations in 2011.  Today they're the fourth largest brewery in Texas.

"Is it becoming difficult? I think in certain ways, yes. There's only a certain amount of shelf space in grocery stores. There's only a certain amount of taps in bars and restaurants," Zack Fickey, Marketing Monarch for Deep Ellum Brewing Co., said.

Deep Ellum Brewing isn't feeling the heat of the competition just yet.  Their only battle?  Being rotated in and out of smaller establishments.

"A lot of places like to do rotation taps. Some of the smaller locations might just have three or four. We might be on tap one week and that account might choose to use another local for the following week," Fickey explains.

Another local brewery in Dallas, Brain Dead Brewing, which opened its doors last March, has found itself pouring into the market fairly easily.

"Being a smaller newer producer, it`s still fairly easy. We have more people coming to us than us having to go to anybody. But we drive most of our business over the bar here -- one of the advantages of the brew pub model. We don`t have to chase volume as much," Andrew Huerter, Brew Master for Brain Dead Brewing, said.

Well, there is plenty of tasty volume in DFW, with dozens of breweries and counting.  Yep, no shortage of beer for us.

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