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20 Things That Stress Out People In Dallas

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20 Things That Stress Out People In Dallas

Alexis Stice

Dallas is a land of nuisances in disguise. From the crazy, erratic weather to the craziness that we call downtown check out our list of 20 things that stress people in Dallas. Many you can relate to and others will probably be part of the daily grind. Relax and laugh at this list we can all relate to.


1. Traffic

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Am I right? Traffic is one of the many things that are not only annoying but so stressful. Especially the people that have never heard of using a turn signal (you know the thingy that tells us if you’re going left or right?). Depending on which area of Dallas and work shift you have this may be avoided entirely or the complete opposite. Venturing into the downtown area is only for the brave. Next time you are in a jam just relax and enjoy the hits on the radio. Ask a neighbor to join for twice the fun!

2. Downtown Dallas

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Downtown Dallas in itself is a stressful area many try to avoid. It is home to the stunning Klyde Warren Park, Dallas Museum of Arts, nightlife and other beautiful places to check out. Unfortunately, this mean that many people are either employed in this area or are flocking to see what it has to offer. This creates many issues when it comes to traffic and parking. Another stressful factor are the streets! When tackling this area for the first time all of the one ways, crowds, random marathons, and other obstacles make it hard to navigate through. Just take a deep breath or pick something else to do! Dallas has more to offer.

3. Construction

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What gives, Dallas? Everywhere you turn some major area seems to be suffering from construction, road closures and other nuisances. This is extremely stressful when trying to get around or when you can’t seem to think of a detour. It also seems to go on forever and ever. Maybe one day we can have a Dallas that is completely finished. Until then keep your eyes on the road and rely on that super helpful GPS.

4. Parking

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Don’t get us started on parking! Getting around Dallas is a task in of itself but getting to your destination is another story. Going to that mall or movie on a Saturday afternoon may seem like a good idea but finding a great spot says otherwise. Especially when you wait for someone to back out only to discover they aren’t leaving yet or takes too long! Have some common courtesy and stop playing with our emotions.

5. Concerts

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When your favorite band or singer comes to town excitement takes over you… Until discovering which venue it is taking place at. American Airlines Center is great for wider scale performances in theory but when you factor in parking, concessions and other things it turns into a nightmare. This is also the case of Verizon Theater especially since it is located in the middle of nowhere-Grand Prairie! Gexa Energy Pavilion and Southside Ballroom seems to be a favorite for intimate performances but tickets go fast and with the standing room only it can be difficult for the short people out there.

6. Winter Weather

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Brace yourselves for the crazy weather that is hitting. Not only does it seem to never end it tends to flip flop. One day it is Titanic cold and the next we have summer weather. Remember the time we actually got snow for a week and everyone had time off work or school? It was a catastrophe! We can handle the rain and heat just not snow.

7. Dressing For Weather

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No doubt about it Texas weather is bipolar. In the morning it can be cold as ice but once you get to work it’ll feel like summer and the birds will be singing. How do we dress for this crazy weather? We never know if we should bring an umbrella or wear shorts! Half of Texas will be under a blizzard watch while a tornado rips through the other half. Whatever it is it stresses us out! Time to start leaving a spare change of clothes in the car.

8. Traveling

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A family vacation sounds nice but if you plan on getting out of Texas that is when the fun really starts. Finding time and money to travel can prove to be difficult especially in Dallas. Go south and you are still in Texas or up north then you will maybe end up in another state. Sometimes we all need a change in scenery but this makes coordinating vacations a task in itself. Stop being so big Texas!

9. Texan Stereotypes

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Meeting new people can be tough especially on us Texans especially if you are from Dallas. People will automatically assume you are best friends with Big Tex or like everything fried and travel on a horse. It is frustrating to break out of that typical Texan stereotype. Of course we love our Big Tex and state fair food but no one gets it like us so let’s leave it that way.

10. Our Lingo

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No come on y’all stop making fun of us! Speaking like a Texan is the subject of constant teasing. The one thing that will stress and annoy a Texan like no other is making fun of how we talk. We have our own creative way of speaking so let us be! Especially when we refer to all sodas as a Coke. Just sit down and settle it with Whataburger.


11. The Snooty Remarks About Dallas

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We understand that some see Dallas as the big “city” but contrary to popular belief it isn’t anything special. Much like a New York native may not find their town all that great we feel the same way. We also do not feel superior or think more ourselves for living in Dallas. So relatives from San Antonio, Austin or any other city in Texas please stop pestering us.

12. BBQ

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Many feel like Texas is all about just BBQ especially the Dallas area. While we have many restaurants that carry this southern delicacy we are so much more. Yes, we enjoy our grills and brisket but we can cook other items as well. Instead of expecting us to make only entrees smothered in sauce allow us to show off the other amazing things we can create.

13. Road Kill

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Getting around is hard to do especially at night. Not only do you have to be aware of the endless amount of drunks you also need to pay attention to the animals as well. One of the most stressful things is driving alone in the middle of the night and hitting a possum or even armadillo! Your heart will pound as fear strikes within you at this terrible sight. Catch a deep breath and understand it happens.

14. The Suburbs Are Everywhere

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Traveling around Texas is a task that can prove to be difficult. Just to get to that amazing restaurant a friend recommended can turn into an impromptu road trip. Barely outside of Dallas can quickly manifest into a small town or little suburb you probably have never even heard of. Embrace this and be glad it can turn into that new hot spot.

15. Everything Is So Far

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Just like it was previously mentioned all the good things tend to not be in Dallas. For instance, if you want to try out a unique Hookah lounge or go to a mall that isn’t Northpark a little driving is required. Nothing ever seems to be strictly in Dallas making directions a little frustrating. At least it can be a fun trip that is enjoyable and exciting. Who knows you may find a great location to get your shopping done without the busy crowds.

16. DART

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Now we all know some prefer to travel by bus or train which is understandable. However, this can be extremely annoying when it comes to getting around for some. A big DART bus may be blocking those street signs and making wide turns right into that blind spot. We love you, DART just sometimes you annoy us!

17. Nothing To Do… Except Everything

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While Dallas feels like a big place it can be difficult to find something to do. Sure you have all of these shopping centers and things but still it is daunting to choose. It can turn a night out on the town to a constant loop of “I don’t know what do you want to do?” Plan ahead to see the many great options out there.

18. Too Much Going On

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Sometimes it feels like something is always going on in Dallas. This is great for those that are wanting to get out and explore but for some it isn’t all that good, especially if you live in the areas that always seem to have a parade or special event.

19. Our Boys!

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Nothing gets under our skin more when people make fun of our Cowboys! Only we can call them Cowgirls or talk about bad their season was. And please don’t join the bandwagon when they are good. Our love for the Cowboys is ride or die so choose your words wisely. Every Dallas native or resident secretly adores them even if it is just a little.

20. Making Fun Of Us

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Stereotypes are one thing but making fun of our personalities is another. Do not judge us – the celebrities that call Dallas their home are complete idiots. We are smart individuals that want to be represented in a better light. Instead of judging us by these people get to know us. Nothing is more stressful than being unfairly represented.


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