Ruff Life: Time to Get Fancy

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DALLAS -- Her name might be Fancy, but she didn’t start out living “the high life.” Cast off by her owners for financial reasons, Fancy didn’t take too well to life at Dallas Animal Services.

“She was put out on the adoption floor and just really no one picked her up,” says Haley Edman, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive!

Even in good health, it took Dallas Pets Alive! to step in to save her from an uncertain fate.

“She was a little skinny, but she was pretty much healthy. She had no medical issues at all,” Edman says.

Now, Fancy can be found at Underdog Kennels. That’s good news because she doesn’t have doggie death row nipping at her tail, but not so great because she’s not a fan of other dogs.

“Even though she has been around other dogs, she just doesn’t get along with them all that great,” says Edman.

Yup, Fancy is a little bit too bourgeoisie to share her space with another dog. Now, she has her own personal space at Underdog. She’s looking for a “fur-ever” home but even a “fur-now” foster home will do.

“Fancy is real gentle and she will be the perfect pet for someone who doesn’t have dogs,” says Edman.

So, there is no reason to go “from LA to Tokyo” to find your new best friend when Fancy is right in front of you.