Get Bombed with North Korea’s Hangover-Free Booze

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NORTH KOREA -- Is there anything Kim Jong-Un can't do? The North Korean leader claims he's already created the cure for Cancer, Ebola, and AIDS with some sort-of "secret" miracle drug.

On his most recent bucket list, he's reportedly the mastermind behind the hydrogen bomb that North Korea claims it just detonated. And speaking of getting "bombed," turns out, Lil' Kim is quite the bartender too!

According to a North Korean article, he oversaw the production of Koryo liquor -- a special mix of alcohol you can drink without getting a hangover. The adult beverage is infused with 6-year-old Ginseng root, which is also an ingredient in the secret cure for cancer.

The drink's recipe replaces sugar with burnt rice. Um ... Yum? This reportedly gets rid of the liquor's bitter taste and any risks of a morning-after hangover.

The alcoholic content of this stuff is reportedly between 30% - 40% which is equivalent to a bottle of Tequila.

Well, it is rumored that Kim loves his liquor. So, If he's getting "bombed" on his latest cure maybe there's some truth to this tall tale.