Jamie Foxx the HERO Saves Driver From Burning Car

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jamieLOS ANGELES — Maybe Jamie Foxx should play Superman in his next movie. We mean, he already has real-life experience after saving a man from a burning car near Los Angeles.

Yep, according to TMZ, 32-year-old Brett Kyle’s Toyota skidded off a wet road Monday night, hit a drainage pipe, flipped, then burst into flames… right outside of Jamie’s mansion.

That’s when Jamie pulled out his superhero cape, broke the man’s window, cut him out of his seatbelt, then pulled him from the burning car.

But uh… he couldn’t save the guy from getting a DUI. Kyle was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries — then booked for driving drunk.

Jamie Foxx hasn’t commented. But we’re guessing his next movie will be an action flick. And stuntman? Hmmph… he doesn’t need a stinking stuntman!