Ganja Garden: Underground Pot Farm Found at Arlington Home

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ARLINGTON -- It looks like a pretty normal neighborhood in south Arlington. The kind of place where lots of us would like to live. It's green. Even in January. But it ain't the lawn we're talking about -- it's the grass.  HA!

DPS agents had a search warrant for this place on Tuesday.

About 20 feet behind the house, they found a patio. Underneath was a hole leading down nine feet to a room that was 8-by-14--close to the size of an apartment bedroom.

And in that underground room... they found about 100 pot plants.

Let's just say when they were weedin' the garden, the garden was all weed! (I got a million of 'em.)

A neighbor says he saw a backhoe in the yard a couple of weeks ago but didn't think much of it.

"I thought he was diggin' for a swimming pool," Titus Stevenson said. "I don't get into everybody's business."

Two people were arrested for an unrelated theft charge. But now they're facing some serious drug charges over a ganja garden.