Feeling Blue? Well, The British May Have A Good Reason Why

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UNITED KINGDOM- While America celebrates the birthday of a historic civil rights leader; across the pond, the Brits are observing something a little less brilliant. The same mates who brought us fish and chips and 007 have now coined a new term: Blue Monday.
Forget the Monday blues, the British have officially dubbed the third Monday of January as "the most depressing day of the year."

The idea was originally created in 2005 by a professor at Cardiff University. The professor, Cliff Arnall, used a mathematical formula combining weather, debt, average motivation levels and the number of days after the holidays. Somehow it all added up to one depressing day, hence, Blue Monday.

A few UK companies are also taking advantage of the so-called-holiday. They used #BlueMonday to promote their clothes and food via Twitter.

It all sounds like rubbish to us. After all, who wants to be knackered by sadness?