Get Ready — Ethan Couch Could Soon Return to North Texas

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FORT WORTH -- There are a few things you need to have for a major hearing in juvie court. One of them is the suspect. In this case, Ethan Couch.

Yeah, well, no one can pretend they don't know where he is. He missed Tuesday's hearing because he's still in a Mexican jail. But that might be over soon.

"A document has been filed, essentially, what you could think of as 'release the injunction and let the process go forward," said Scott Brown, Ethan Couch's lawyer.

That's how lawyers say he'll stop trying to block his trip home.

We don't know exactly when Ethan will be back, but judging by the crowd of reporters and photojournalists outside the courthouse Tuesday, we think you'll know when it happens.

There was another problem with Tuesday's hearing. Apparently, nobody officially told Couch's parents about it.

Okay, it's true: neither Tonya nor Fred Couch turned up at the courthouse. But somehow, Tonya's lawyer, Stephanie Patten, knew to be there.

We're just sayin'.

So, the judge put off the hearing 'til next month. That means justice delayed -- again -- for Alex Lemus. His brother was paralyzed in the drunk driving crash that killed four people.

"It's just a mockery to me. It's a joke," Lemus said. "How these people are just treated with... leniency... like it's okay."

It's also a disappointment for Mother's Against Drunk Driving. They've gathered more than 40,000 signatures on an online petition calling for the case to be moved to grown-up court.

"Ethan's 18 years old. He's an adult," Jason Derscheid of MADD said. "His actions are that of an adult. He needs to be treated as such."

Get ready to do it all again in exactly one month. Maybe Ethan Couch will finally show up to face the judge.