Confirmed Case of Measles in North Texas

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COLLIN COUNTY -- According to the CDC, measles is scary stuff. this highly contagious disease can cause brain swelling and even death. Well, parents at Schell Elementary in Richardson got a letter from Collin County Health Services letting them know a student had a confirmed case of the measles.

The letter warns kids and staff members who are not vaccinated are at high risk of complications.

“This is simply unconscionable in this day in age that we have a disease like mumps, measles or rubella or polio re-emerging in our society after decades of it being eradicated,” Rep. Jason Villalba said.

According to the Texas Department of State Health, less than 1% of students in the Lone Star State have filed for a conscientious exemption which allows them to skip getting vaccinated. The problem is -- that’s more than 40,000 students.

“Conscientious exemption should not exist in Texas today," Villalba said. "This is just for those individuals who believe that we shouldn’t be vaccinated for whatever reason. Could be one thing, it could be another, but they just don't want vaccinations.”

During the last legislative session in Austin, Rep. Jason Villalba introduced a bill that would require every kid in a public school to get vaccinated. It failed to pass, but with this recent case of measles, Villalba says he's going to re-introduce the bill.

“It is something we must address proactively rather than reactively," he said. "I would hate to be here a year from now talking to you about an outbreak that occurred in North Texas.”