Access Granted: Top 25 Worst Passwords

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You don't want someone gaining access to all your precious info, right? But sometimes we cut corners to avoid the dreaded lock out and use some embarrassingly simple passwords.

SplashData, a password management company has released its fifth annual list of the worst passwords on the internet, aka the passwords that are easiest to hack.

For the third consecutive year, “123456” leads the way but right behind it is another repeat offender, “password.” Yep, “password” is the password.

Moving up a spot to snag the third place is a just a slight variation of the worst password, 12345678. Another password that looks like it's here to stay? “abc123”.

Some newbies to the list this year are “welcome” and “login,” as well as “princess,” “solo” and “star wars.” Anyone sensing a theme here?

But according to SplashData, fewer people are using stupid passwords than in 2013. They suggest your password be at least 8 characters and say using password managers will help cut down on the confusion.

It’s good advice to heed, because in this world of hacking, you can’t trust anyone.