Weed Breaks at Work Considered Productive

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At most offices in America, smoking a joint during your lunch break or eating cannabis-laced brownies at your desk would land you in HR, right??

Not if you work for these companies. In fact, some say there are far more companies allowing marijuana consumption than are willing to talk about it.

Denver-based Flowhub provides software for the cannabis industry and has been a weed-friendly workplace from day one.

“Our philosophy at Flowhub is to get s*** done,” said co-founder Kyle Sherman. “If it helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work.”

While recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, smoking of any kind isn’t allowed in the building. So employees bring cannabis-infused edibles, sodas, and juices.


Flowhub’s employees bring in cannabis-infused edibles, sodas and juices. Credit: Thinkstock

So far, there haven’t been any negative outcomes. “Our clients are some of the biggest firms in the cannabis industry,” said Sherman. “We have to be on point with our work. We’ve never had a problem yet.”

High There! and MassRoots are both Denver-based social networking platforms for cannabis users and both allow weed at work.

“Being in Denver, we’re in the heart of the cannabis industry,” said Darren Roberts, cofounder of High There! “It has led us to breakthrough moments for our business.”


MassRoots cofounder Isaac Dietrich schedules weekly rooftop smoke sessions at his apartment building. They’re meant for strategic planning and employee bonding. “Our general philosophy is that we need to be as productive and creative as possible, everyday,” Dietrich said. “If cannabis facilitates that, then we’re allowing it.”

While pot-oriented businesses tend to be more open about their consumption, not all companies are eager to talk about it. Many startups fear it could hurt their chances with potential investors.

In states like California, pot is still only legal for medical purposes. Credit: Thinkstock

In states like California, pot is still only legal for medical purposes. Credit: Thinkstock

And in states like California, pot is still only legal for medical purposes.

Brandon David is a sales executive with a San Francisco-based software firm (that he did NOT want to name, for obvious reasons) that has hundreds of customers, including many in the cannabis industry. “It’s very well known that most of the employees here consume cannabis regularly during the work day,” he said.

David said he uses a cannabis vaporizer daily at work for medical reasons.

“There are so many daily challenges in a startup environment, and you need to press ahead,” he said. Pot helps him stay focused by managing his stress and anxiety. “Sometimes I get a second wind and I’ll put in a few more hours.”

David said it’s an open secret that many more businesses are embracing the notion of consuming pot at work.

“There definitely are far more that allow it than are willing to openly talk about it,” he said.

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