Ex-Taco Bell Exec Suing Uber Driver He Beat Up for $5 Million

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COSTA MESA, CA – Remember the uber-bad Uber trip last year, the one where a really drunk passenger beat the tar out of the Uber driver when the driver decided to kick him to the curb because he was drunk? And it was all caught on camera?

That passenger is former Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden. Taco Bell kicked him to the curb after the video surfaced.

Now, “Golden Gloves” Golden is suing driver Edward Caban for $5 million.

Yep, your read that right. He claims Caban broke the law when he recorded the beat down, and that it should not be used against him in the criminal case.

And uh, he may have a point. The California wiretap law says all parties have to give permission when being recorded.

Golden Gloves says he’s not responsible for any of Caban’s injuries. As for himself, he says he’s been suffering from emotional distress and anxiety since the video went viral.