NewsFix Wants to Know: How Much do You Know About the Presidential Candidates?

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The stumping, the trumping, the debating; it all comes down to this: the Iowa Caucus is just two weeks away.

On Sunday night, the Democratic candidates face-off in their final debate, heading into the Caucus.

As things heat up, test your knowledge of some of the top contenders with the NewsFix Candidate Quiz:

  1. Which candidate probably isn't too happy the movie "13 Hours" about the Benghazi terrorist attacks?
  2. Which GOP contender wants to Carpet Bomb ISIS but finds himself dealing with his own "native" controversy?
  3. Which Democratic Candidate is a big fan of Denmark but not the The millionaires and the billionaire?
  4. Which two candidates, both from Florida, are the only two fluent in Spanish.
  5. 15-years ago, this Republican candidate favored gays in the military, abortion, and described himself as "very liberal" on healthcare.


  1. Hillary Clinton, who has faced an extended controversy over her role as secretary of state in responding to the attacks.
  2. Ted Cruz, who was raised in Texas but born in Canada to American Citizen parents.
  3. Bernie Sanders, who is campaigning as a "Democratic Socialist"
  4. Jeb Bush who has a Mexican wife and Marco Rubio whose parents are Cuban.
  5. Donald Trump, the front runner's views have changed significantly over the past decade and a half.

How'd you do? Well, if you haven't yet made up your mind, remember - the Texas primary is March 1st. The last day to register to vote is February 1st.

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