Ride of a Century: Roanoke Woman Celebrates 100 Years at Texas Motor Speedway

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FORT WORTH -- Call it the ride of a century! On Friday Texas Motor Speedway helped Maedell Lewis celebrate her 100th birthday in this vintage ride.

"Here we go, here we go," Lewis said.

But the speedway is all about speed and it's not a celebration without burning some rubber; Lewis brought in her 100th birthday at 100 miles per hour in this Chevrolet SS pace car.

"Alright you ready for your 100 per hour mile ride,” asked Eddie Gossage, President at The Texas Motor Speedway. “I'm ready,” exclaimed Lewis.

And off she went, hitting speeds of 107 miles per hour!

"I didn't feel like I was going fast, the other people on the roads are making the speeds bad," she said.

Looks like Maedell still has some jokes!

But a car ride wasn't her only surprise, the speedway presented Maedell with the world’s largest birthday card, a sweet cowboy hat and a cake!

"You realize 100 years, all the things she's seen is pretty darn amazing," said Gossage.

Lewis is a long time resident of Roanoke and had this advice for all us young ones, "treat people the way you wanna be treated, that's all I can say."