ONE DAY ONLY: Chipotle Shutting Down For Food Safety Training

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Chipotle is closing down every store in the country for a few hours on February 8 to hold staff meetings about food safety.

Chipotle is reeling from several outbreaks of E. coli , salmonella, and norovirus that poisoned customers and caused its stock price to plunge.

The trouble began in August when 64 customers in Minnesota were infected with Salmonella and about 100 people were struck by norovirus in southern California.

These infections were followed by an E. coli outbreak in October and November that affected 53 people in nine states.

In December, Chipotle suffered from two more outbreaks. Roughly 140 students at Boston college were infected with norovirus and a second new incidence of E. coli broke out affecting five people in three states.

Some customers are suing Chipotle (duh).

Chipotle’s CEO is hoping the CDC will soon say that they outbreaks our over.

He also says Chipotle is now as safe as ever and they’re planning to lure back customers with a new marketing campaign in February.