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Class Act: Grand Prairie Junior Designs Search & Rescue Robots

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GRAND PRAIRIE, TX — Building the robots of the future! Sounds like a job for the tenured scientists? Don’t tell that to Andrew Mangum, our Class Act of the Week, brought to you by Time Warner Cable.

Andrew is a junior at Dubiski Career High School in Grand Prairie, and he’s had a passion for engineering since he was a kid, fixing things at his grandma’s house, starting with a doorknob.

Well, he’s upgraded from doorknobs now to advanced robots. And these machines aren’t just for show, they have a purpose. Andrew focuses on building cost-effective, life-saving robots.

“All these other search and rescue robots, these bomb disposal robots, robots that will go in and see if people are inside unstable buildings, they’re so expensive that it’s really hard to even buy them,” said Andrew. “And so our mission is to build them for cheaper but with the same qualities and the same capabilities.”

This engineering whiz doesn’t just create robots, though. He also has a green thumb at his local community garden.

“I’ve been a good member for six to seven years. I absolutely love it there. It’s where I like  to spend my Saturdays and work and grow things.”

Well, whether he’s growing things or building things, Andrew does it all with one mission, “My dream is to change the world one day and make it better, and so I think I’m just living the dream right now.”

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