Chew on This: Wayward Sons

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DALLAS – If you're looking for a place with a farm-to-table concept with Texas-driven dishes, Wayward Sons on Greenville Avenue in Dallas has the perfect mix of both.Executive Chef Graham Dodds and his two business partners opened the spot a little over a month ago

Executive Chef Graham Dodds and his two business partners opened the spot a little over a month ago.

"We thought Wayward sounded good. We all were a little wayward in our views and the way we do things,” Dodds said. “You know everybody says the song, and there's always song references which is good. You know, it's classic rock."

As for the menu, well, did we mention that it's Texas driven?

You will always remember the cornmeal dusted catfish, alongside fresh hushpuppies and a mix of everyone's favorite greens. And nothing equals the splendor of the smoked lamb brisket served with a parsnip slaw.

But when it comes to Wayward Sons, it's not all about Texas -- at least for one of their starters.

Chew on This, Chef Dodds is serving up sardines and toast, as a nod to his UK kin.

"You know, my parents are British, so I usually have some aspects of the menu that draw from my British heritage,” Dodds said. "We've got a little bundt at the beginning, and it's a British thing with my mom's grapefruit preserves."

Now, if the starters and entrees aren't enough to get you full, Emma Jean's buttermilk pie with pumpkin -- and a grapefruit finish -- is a must.

"It's my Sous Chef's wife's Grandmother’s, and she made this pie for them growing up,” Dodds said. “And she would make it every once in a while, and he would bring it in for us to eat it."


Savory Texas dishes with a sprinkle of British, made with homegrown goods? Wayward Sons looks like a winner!

Carry on.