#WINNING! Decatur Co-Workers Score $1 Million in Powerball

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DECATUR, TX — While most of us crumbled up our lotto tickets Wednesday night after the Powerball drawing, five co-workers at the Klement Car Dealership in Decatur got the thrill of a lifetime!

They matched the first five numbers, winning $1 million. Yeah, just the correct PowerBall away from claiming their stake in the $1.5 Billion prize!

Still, the chances of matching those five numbers are one in 11.6 million. How’s that for defying the odds?

The five co-workers who won the million through their office pool weren’t at work on Thursday. Nope, they haven’t quit their jobs just yet, they were just out collecting their cash.

As for their fellow citizens of Decatur, they’re all proud of their hometown winners.

“I think it’s awesome! I hope some more people from Decatur can win,” said Justin, a Decatur resident.

“It's pretty nice to have someone from a really small town to win that much money so it's a blessing,” said Yolanda Ivarra who works where the winning ticket was sold. “I am happy for them, and I wish them the very best!”

As for that money, after taxes and being split five ways, each worker will walk away with a over $100,000 each. So yeah, not quite the billion everyone was going for, but a heck of a lot better than the rest of us did!