Night Milk: Sleepy Cows Give Sleepy Milk

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Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Hold on to your jaw for this one, especially if you put milk in your coffee. There’s a thing called night milk and it’s a real thing.

Apparently, cows that are milked at night produce a different milk — and it will put you right to bed.

So? What’s night milk??

Scientists say night milk contains high amounts of tryptophan — you know, that stuff we talk about every Thanksgiving when we chat about why eating turkey makes you sleepy — and melatonin. Both chemicals are known to make you sleepy.

In lab tests, night milk had nearly 10 times the melatonin of day milk. (You get what day milk is, right?)

So. Night milk reduces anxiety and helps people fall asleep AND stay asleep.

Researchers also say, though, the night milk can impair your motor skills and coordination.

We can’t wait to see how they put this on milk labels.