Naked Woman Attacks Diners During Waffle House Rampage

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KENNESAW, Ga. -- What's going on at Waffle House restaurants across the south this week?? First, two Arkansas Waffle House employees were fired after this disgusting video of them using kitchen equipment to fix their hair went viral.

Now, a Georgia woman is facing several charges after going on a rampage at a Waffle House restaurant in Kennesaw.

All while completely naked.

According to police, the woman, identified as Jennifer Nicholson, was at a Waffle House January 8 when she stripped off her clothes, punched a woman in the face and then threw a plate at a window. She also threw several platters at patrons of the restaurant.

When police tried to subdue Nicholson, she fought back, scratching an officer.

The woman who was punched sustained a broken nose in the attack, according to police.

Nicholson is facing several assault and public indecency charges. She's currently being held in the Cobb County Jail.