Move Over T. Rex, There’s a Gigantic New Dinosaur on the Block

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NEW YORK — If you thought T. Rex was the biggest, baddest dinosaur to ever walk Earth, hmmph, think again. Now introducing, Titanosaur.


This baby puts those dinos in “Jurassic Park” to shame!

jurassic park

The newly-discovered 122-foot-long dinosaur goes on display Friday at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

This thing is big, it can’t even fit in the gallery space. Part of its 39-foot-long neck will extend through the entrance area’s roof to greet visitors.



The mysterious dinosaur was discovered in the Patagonian desert region of Argentina in 2014. Based on its characteristics, it was placed in the titanosaur group, which is known for its giant lizard-like appearance.


(Courtesy: Nature World News)

At the discovery site, scientists unearthed more than 200 other fossil bones belonging to six individuals of this new species.

new dinosaur

Scientists calculate these giant herbivores weighed around 70 tons, which is about 10 African elephants.

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