Men Are Sick: Estrogen Breaks Down the Flu in Women, Not Men

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NORTH TEXAS – Now, we all know men can be babies when they're faced with an illness -- especially in comparison to women. But do you ever feel like men get sick more than women? Well, that may actually be the case, at least when it comes to the flu.

A new study shows that women are less likely to get the flu than men. And it's all because of estrogen.

Apparently, estrogen breaks down replication of influenza "A" virus in female cells, but not in male cells. Research done by the American Journal of Physiology claims reduction of the virus takes place in nasal cells.

Hey, one point for the ladies!

Now, this may sound a bit confusing since men also have estrogen. Yes, even you macho man. But the ladies are obviously packing more heat in that area.

Now ladies, let's not rub this in the guys' faces too much. As we know estrogen has some pros but cons too. Cancer, anyone? Or how about those crazy mood swings?

But hey, regardless – flu or no flu – let's face it, being a woman is pretty damn sick!