Here’s Why Folks are Buying LOSING PowerBall Tickets on eBay

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DALLAS -- Well folks, the billion-dollar PowerBall frenzy is over, and most of us didn't have too much luck.

That includes the office pool at the Loomis brand agency...

"Unfortunately, we did not win," said Elizabeth Matthews, who was in charge of the pool. "We were very sad this morning to wake up and have to cancel our plans in Monaco for lunch. The tickets are worthless."

Or are they?  Get this, there's actually a market for losing tickets online. Just check eBay.

Why would anyone want a losing PowerBall ticket?!?! Well, maybe they just want a souvenir from the record-setting past week. Or maybe they won and want to avoid paying some of their taxes.

Basically, your winnings get taxed as profit.  So, if you can show you spent a lot on tickets (by producing a stack of losing tickets), in theory, that would reduce the amount of taxable winnings, saving you money.

Of course, it's arguably also deception intended to result in financial gain... AKA fraud.  And tax fraud is, you know, frowned upon.

"I don't think I'd get behind supporting that," Matthews said with a laugh. "I'm not gonna sell my tickets."