TTYL… Not! 1 in 4 People Won’t Make a Call This Week!

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DALLAS -- Remember how the phone was used back in the day, you know, to actually talk to people? It’s a stark contrast to how it’s used now as talking is merely one of a myriad of things you can do with your smartphone.

Some people actually prefer texting over talking. In fact, according to an article on the tech news site Re/code, one in four of us who live in developed countries will go a full week this year without making a single phone call.

The efficiency of technology is to blame, replacing conversations with family and friends with interactions on social networks. And it's not just catching up calls that have been replaced but business calls have bit the dust too.

Hiring a ride is just a button away and you can order food with an emoji.

So like it or not, actually talking on smartphones might be headed the way of the rotary phone.

Just look at the bright side, at least “ttyl” will be one less thing for you to type.