Not ‘Round Here: Fort Worth Stock Show Bans Confederate Flag

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FORT WORTH -- The latest place to ban the Confederate Battle Flag?  The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

The annual event kicks off Friday, celebrating its 120th year with events and attractions old and new. But that controversial flag won't be on display.

Remember the showdown at the South Carolina State Capitol last year?  Seems the Stock Show doesn't want that mess to rise again.

"We're not about trying to get into a controversy," said Matt Brockman, the Stock Show's publicity manager. "We're about celebrating Fort Worth and North Texas."

The image can still be worn on clothing, so folks don't have to throw out those rebellious belt buckles. And the original official flag of the Confederacy -- the Stars and Bars -- will still fly as one of the "Six Flags Over Texas."

But the Battle Flag is banned from being flown or displayed anywhere during Stock Show events.

"We wanna stay connected to the history. We don't disavow the history," said Brockman. "But at the same time, the Battle Flag's just got some connotations, and that's too bad."

Cynthia Harriman is with the Texas Civil War Museum. There are plenty of flags on display there...

"But for a parade of Fort Worth and Texas history, I think there's a lot of other flags that would be just as suitable," Harriman said. "And they don't have the same baggage."

Yep, and for folks trying to show off some cattle, maybe it's better to be on the safe side than the wrong side of history.