Remembering Amber Hagerman 20 Years After Her Murder

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FORT WORTH -- It’s been 20 years since Amber Hagerman was riding her bike and was grabbed by a stranger. Stuffed toys line now the pink wall in Arlington... keeping her memory alive.

Even with nearly 8,000 tips, the trail to find Amber’s killer is cold.

“I have very few really crystal clear memories of 20 years ago, but I remember things about that case like it was yesterday,” said Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson. He was with the Arlington PD when 9-year-old Amber was abducted and murdered.

“My daughter was five years old at the time, I just vividly remember the day we found her," Anderson said. "My wife had told my daughter what had happened and she just crawled in my lap an cried.”

It was Sheriff Anderson who spearheaded the Amber Alert system.

“I just like people to know why it started, what her legacy is, and what kind of person and child she was because she’ll always be 9," he said. "It's a tough thing we live with, but you know, I’m proud to say that something is going to live on and she’ll always be remembered in some way shape or form.”