Meet the Poor Guy Who Got Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Old Phone Number

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SEATTLE — A Seattle man’s anaconda definitely didn’t want none of this! A 33-year-old law student says he was involved in the ultimate phone number mix-up with none other than… Sir Mix-A-Lot!

Jonathan Nichols says he went to Verizon to get his number changed to a Seattle area code. That’s when he started getting calls from luxury car dealerships. They were all asking if a “Mr. Anthony Ray” would like to come down to the dealership and take their hot rods for a spin.

Then Nichols says his phone started blowing up with women coming out of the woodwork, sending him bikini pics, kissy faces, and of course, BIG BUTTS!

Nichols finally went to Google and discovered that Anthony Ray was the Seattle hip-hop legend, Sir Mix-A-Lot.

The lover of big butts had a big laugh when he found out about the mix-up. And had one piece of advice for Nichols: forward the really sexy pictures to the new number, but only if they’re “little in the middle, but she got much back!”