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Family Refuses to Give Up 5 Months After Dallas Jail Lobby Death

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DALLAS -- It’s been five months and the family of Joseph Hutcheson is still looking for answers.

“It’s just hard right now. I know as time goes by it will get better,” said Joseph’s wife, Nicol Hutcheson.

Back in August surveillance video showed what unfolded after Hutcheson ran into the Dallas County Sheriff's Building reportedly looking for help.

“He was desperate for help, and he believed this was a place where he was going to find it. And instead, he got a knee to the back and a knee to the throat,” Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood said.

The medical examiner ruled his death was a homicide, saying the 48-year-old died of hypertensive cardiovascular disease and physiological stress combined with cocaine and meth.

Meanwhile, at the Lew Sterritt Jail where Hutcheson died, his family is demanding the names of the deputies involved.

“I’m here today to request that Sheriff Lupe Valdez release the names of the six people that were involved in my husband's death,” Hutcheson said.

“We want the names of these deputies and we want the names of these Deputies because the people of Dallas County have  the right to know who they're encountering when the go in this lobby,” Rev. Hood said during Tuesday’s press conference.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Office has said in the past they couldn’t release any more information while the investigation continues, and did not return NewsFix’s request for a comment.

“If the Sheriff continues to stand in the way, if she can’t be transparent, then she needs to get out of the way!”