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Playboy Mansion for Sale! Catch? Hugh Hefner Must Stay

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HOLMBY HILLS, CA- Now that Wednesday night's Powerball drawing is an estimated $1.5 billion big ones, we're probably all imagining the endless amount of money, cars, and clothes we could have with that kind of bread.

But, what about the Playboy Mansion?

Guess we can call this perfect timing because the famous bunny bungalow that sprawls six-acres in Los Angeles, California, is up for grabs, according to several reports.

Playboy Enterprises is reportedly looking to sale the mansion for $200 million. Hey, that's chump change for an overnight billionaire, right?

Not only does the mansion hold a lot of history (including those rumored wild celebrity parties), but it's also decked out with a zoo, tennis courts, and a grotto complete with a pool and waterfall.

There's no word if any Playmates come with the keys, though.

According to TMZ, there are a few strings attached to this sweet deal. One of those includes agreeing to keep Mr. Playboy himself, Hugh Hefner, as a life-time resident.

Turns out, Hef doesn't hold the deed to the digs he made famous. So, this deal comes with an agreement to keep Hefner inside the palace until he dies.

Buyer beware; if you're cool with pimpin' out a room for an 89-year-old housemate, the Playboy Mansion could be yours.

Interested? Check out the mansion in this old episode of 'MTV Cribs' :


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