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Legendary WGN News Anchor Recalls Story of Survival

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DALLAS, TX- Journalists are used to reporting the news...not making it. But, one legendary member of the Newsfix Tribune family found herself on the other side of the headlines back in 1971.

Merri Dee is a former news anchor at WGN in Chicago. The multifaceted woman is also a survivor and she was in the city sharing her story at the Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters. Over 44 years ago, Merri's unbelievable story unfolded when she was kidnapped at gunpoint.

"I was kidnapped from the television station with a TV guest and then was made to drive a long way to a forest preserve, " she explained.

The TV guest was murdered and Merri was shot in the head.

"I managed to get to the hospital pronounced dead twice brought back and given the last rights twice, " she added.

Miraculously , Merri overcame that horrific night and has turned her tragedy into triumph.

Her career has always involved telling other people's stories but now, she's sharing her own. She's written an inspiring memoir titled "Merri Dee, Life Lessons on Faith, Forgiveness and Grace."

"It is probably one of the most inspirational books that you can read. It is so much more than I ever thought when I was writing it, " Merri said.

The book is a personal bio that recounts the many obstacles she's faced, one that began when Merri was just two years old learning to cope with the loss of her mom.

"When you finish this book I want you to believe under any and all circumstances that you are born and then you die you have nothing to do with that - what you do have to deal with is your survival in between ... " she added.

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