Thai Beauty Ad: ‘Just Being White, You Will Win’

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BANGKOK — There’s no secret, skin color has always been a touchy subject. And it seems, no matter where you go in the world, society is under the impression that lighter is better.

America, anyone?

Well, that also seems to be the case in Thailand. Or at least one Thailand beauty company thinks so. Seoul Secret recently released a commercial for their skin lightning pills. If it’s not bad enough that the pills are called Snowz, the commercial shows two women — one, a Thailand celled, the other is a women painted substantially darker looking, feeling sad about her complexion.

The kicker? The tagline claims, “Being white makes you a winner.”


Needless to say, since the not-so Seoul Secret was broadcast, it’s been stirring up a lot of controversy. Now the company claims they weren’t trying to be racistĀ or offend anyone, but plenty of people feel otherwise.

Hey, one parting thought, not only for Thailand but for the rest of the world: When it comes to skin, people don’t need to lighten-up!