Powerball Hits Record $900 Million (and Growing) for Tonight’s Drawing!

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DALLAS — If you don’t have your Powerball tickets yet, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! The jackpot just hit another record — $900 million. And it could grow even higher ahead of Saturday night’s drawing.

That’s a $100 million spike in just 24 hours with tickets selling like crazy.

The winning numbers will be announced at 10 pm. Keep it right here to CW33.com for the latest.

As we patiently wait to find out if we’re the next big winners, you should probably take this quiz and find out what your life will be like if you win.

But whatever you do, DO NOT spend your winnings on “hookers and cocaine” like one guy in Vegas plans to do. Click here to check out his hilarious live TV interview.

Good luck to everyone who plays!